100% my personal opinion. Very subjective, and only films that I have finished viewing as of the time of this writing.

It has been an incredible year for movies. This year I really committed to seeing as many as I could feasibly do, sometimes seeing a film once a week for a month. I got to start this website as a way to streamline my reviews to those who like reading what I have to say. So here it is, out of all the movies I’ve seen this year I am going to whittle it down to 10 that I think were the best of 2019. To start us off at number 10 is…

10. JoJo Rabbit

This was a last minute viewing for me but a worth while watch,  squeezing in onto my top 10. An incredibly funny comedy, but it’s so much more than that. Only Taika Watiti could pull off a young boy with Adolf Hitler as his imaginary friends and make it one of the most heartfelt, emotionally driven films of the year. Special mention to Scarlett Johanssons performance in this. While some may have overlooked this last year, it’s well worth your time.

9. Marriage Story

It legit pains me to put this so low on my list. It’s hard, so many films impressed me in 2019. Felt as though this one slid under the radar, a Netflix film that has an incredible cast with a powerful message. It’s relatable from so many angles, you think about who is right in this situation but the answer isn’t so black and white. Both Scarlett Johansson (she had an amazing year) and Adam Driver hold nothing back. The score is captivating and supporting cast are all stand put, from Laura Dern (who won Best Supporting Actress) to Wallace Shawn. Fans of great, heartfelt movies should give this a watch.

8. Uncut Gems

Easily the biggest snub from the Academy for not giving Uncut Gems any nominations. It’s wild, you technically follow Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler) as he tries to make big money, but it’s really about the life of the titular “uncut gem”. It’s story of hardships, blood and pain. I love serious Sandler, and this is now one of my favorite of his roles. He just pulls off this kind of character so well. Plus the crazy supporting cast warrants the price of admission. Kevin Garnett, The Weeknd and Idina Menzel all command the attention when on screen. I find it a shame that it was overlooked by so many.

7. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

A very personal pick, as I don’t see anyone else putting this on their top ten lists. For a script that only had a collection of short stories, as the title suggests, and illustrations to be as good as it is is a feat. The main cast of children aren’t that new, following the basic structure of IT what the story does right is the scares. For a PG-13 film, it milks that rating. I enjoy the setting, the political side becomes a scary story in itself. I hope it gets a sequel, but as I seem to be one of the few who really enjoyed it we’ll just have to see.

6. The Irishman

A classic mob movie from the king of the genre. A cast of legendary actors. A film that needed all the right pieces to fall in place, and once they did it turned into a story that I can say will stand the test of time. There are too many aspects that make this great, just know you should try to tackle the movie in one sitting with breaks.

5. Little Women

I came out of the viewing of Little Women with a big smile on my face. Sometimes you need a more traditional film to cleanse the pallet from CGI action movies and heavy dramas. The entire cast is works wonderfully together, the score is beautiful and the costumes are stunning. I could rave about Little Women, a treat for anyone who watches.

4. Parasite

This just won Best Picture, so you know it’s good. And it was a deserved win, I haven’t seen a film like it in so long. It is best seen with as little information as possible, just as I saw it. What I will say is the title represents the film perfectly, the idea of a family infesting another. Well worth a viewing, I highly recommend Parasite.

3. Avengers: Endgame

I am a massive fan of the MCU, and Endgame was the perfect send off to one of the most ambitious sagas in film history. The correct way to view this is by watching Infinity War first then into Endgame, as they were written as ones script. Gripping for the entire 3 hour run time, I wouldn’t cut a single screen.

2. Joker

Back when I first saw Joker, I feel as though putting this high on a top 10 wasn’t as controversial. Since then it seems as though opinions of it have brought down a harsh divide. Either you hate it or love it. I love it, the performance that Joaquin Phoenix gives is incredible and the story told makes you feel bad for a character you know is destined for evil. I’ve seen it several times and I enjoy more each time.

1. 1917

My favorite film of 2019 is undoubtedly 1917. The tale of two soldiers in WW1 trying to complete an important mission in order to save thousands of lives is captivating. The style of the “long shot” is used expertly here, allowing the camera to become a character itself. You feel for the heroes having to live in a war on a scale no one had seen before. The style, sounds, characters and settings all lead 1917 to be my favorite film of 2019.

What was your favorite films of the year? Do you agree/ disagree with my pics? Sometimes you gotta think outside the box office to find what you really enjoy.

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