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It’s that time again, where people who make WAY more money than you gather in a room to talk about what they could do to help and how much they love their family after getting an award. It started in 1927 with the very first Best Picture winner, Wings. Today, we are looking at a long list of films that released in the year 2019 to see what was the best of the best.

Few rules, I will not be putting my opinion on what will win in categories where I haven’t seen any of the films/shorts. I did not see any of the documentaries or shorts that are nominated, so giving a prediction on a winner seems pointless. To see the full list of nominations this year I will post a link to the official Oscars website for your pleasure. With that, here we go:

Best Picture

My Prediction: 1917 My Vote: Parasite

Winner: Parasite!!!!!

I made it my goal to see every Best Picture nominee this year and I nailed. I must say, every single movie was incredible. Each has a reason to be on the list, and narrowing it down to just one is really difficult. 1917 is a classic war drama with a unique flair and an expert behind the camera. Parasite is a film unlike anything else last year, it was shocking and gripping from beginning to end. While I think 1917 is a more traditional “Best Picture” contender, I truly think Parasite is the best film of the year.

Best Actor

My Prediction: Joaquin Phoenix My Vote: Joaquin Phoenix

Winner: Joaquin Phoenix

While few I have talked with did not enjoy Joker, it was one of my favorite films of 2019. Not my favorite, but close. What truly stood out above everything was the electric performance from Joaquin Phoenix. If it was not for his incredible acting Joker would have just been a serviceable comic book film. Now it is a contender for Best Picture.

Best Actress

My Prediction: Scarlet Johansson My Vote: Saoirse Ronan

Winner: Renée Zellweger

An amazing year for leading women, with the best example being this years nominee Little Women. It prompts me to say that Saoire Ronan gets my vote for Best Actress, but it can not be understated just how incredible Scarlet Johansson was in Marriage Story. Either of them winning would have been well earned.


My Prediction: Martin Scorsese My Vote: Bong Joon Ho

Winner: Bong Joon Ho

1917 could also take this award, but of course Scorcese is just too incredible to not believe it could take it. But Bong Joon Ho gives extavigance to a wonderful film.

Best Supporting Actor

My Prediction: Brad Pitt My Vote: Joe Pesci

Winner: Brad Pitt

I feel really bad that I can’t give The Irishman more of my votes, but this year had some top tier contenders. Joe Pesci is, as always, at the top of his game in that film. His performance from young to old is captivating. However, Brad Pitt has been winning the Best Supporting at other awards and for good reason. His chemistry with DiCaprio sells every second he is on screen and the film wouldn’t work without it.

Best Supporting Actress

My Prediction: Laura Dern My Vote: Florence Pugh

Winner: Laura Dern

I do think the Academy is going to give Laura Dern the award for Marriage Story, she is just as important to the development of the story as the main duo. And, as she usually does, she is fantastic. But I do think she was better in Little Women, so it’s hard for me to say she should get it in a film that I don’t think was her best performance. Her co-star, Florence Pugh, is just as great in the film. So she is getting my vote this year.

Best Animated Film

My Prediction: Toy Story 4 My Vote: Klaus

Winner: Toy Story 4

This is a category that I am weirdly passionate about this year. I do think that, as with most years, the Academy is going to give Pixar another award. Toy Story 4 is a great movie and I did find it to be a sequel that worked really well. However it isn’t breaking the mold for the studio, kinda the same heart-wrenching story about toys, not as unique as Coco. What is unique and a huge surprise is how much I loved Klaus. It’s imaginative, creative, and comes wrapped in a beautiful art style. If you slept on this Netflix exclusive I highly recommend it.



Winner: 1917

No contest here, the cinematography in 1917 is spectacular. It uses the “long-shot” style to great effect and at times makes me question how in the world they got some of those scenes. Not much more to say, just incredible work.

Costume Design

My Prediction: Little Women My Vote: Little Women

Winner: Little Women

While looking at the nominees, I can see a few getting a nod by the Academy. Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, The Irishman and JoJo Rabbit have an incredible attention to detail in their costumes. Why Joker was nominated for this category still baffles me. But Little Women, other than being a time period piece, has stunning costumes throughout and even has significance to the story itself. I do feel as though it deserves recognition for this achievement.

(As said above, I am skipping the Documentary section since I have not seen any of the nominees)

Film Editing

My Prediction: Ford vs. Ferrari My Vote: Parasite

Winner: Ford vs. Ferrari

I want to think that the Academy is going to give Ford vs. Ferrari at least one award for such a great film. In any category this is where it shines. I even noticed it during the viewing, that the cuts from one shot to the next flowed beautifully. That being said, the fast pace movement and speed Parasite has with it’s editing is astounding and one scene in particular stands out to me as a word of cutting room genius.

International Feature Film


Winner: Parasite

I know why they have nominees here, they have to for fairness, but when you have such an explosive film from South Korea make it big all around the world, there isn’t another choice. Parasite is going to take it, I don’t think any other films on the list (though I have heard Pain and Glory is fantastic) could take the trophy this year.

Makeup and Hairstyling

My Prediction: Bombshell My Vote: 1917

Winner: Bombshell

From what I’ve heard, Bombshell has amazing hair design. However, from the list of films nominated I can only say 1917 has better makeup than Joker.

Music (Original Score)

My Prediction: Joker My Vote: Little Women

Winner: Joker

Joker has a haunting score that emphasizes moments and works so well. Before I saw Little Women I thought it truly was the best score of the year. Little Women’s score is phenomenal, a classic orchestral.

Original Song

“(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again” From Rocketman

Winner: Rocketman

It’s a really good song, and that it was written for this film is really cool.

Production Design

My Prediction: The Irishman My Vote: Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood

Winner: Once Upon a time…In Hollywood

This is a tough category. I believe every film nominated has an immersive world that works within the film. The Irishman immerses you for 3 hours in its world. In the same vein, Once Upon a time…in Hollywood is a colorful explosion into that time.

(I have not seen any of the short films this year)

Sound Editing

My Prediction: 1917 My Vote: Ford vs. Ferrari

Winner: Ford vs. Ferrari

1917 has that classic sound from war movies, loud and in your face. But when you are listening to the rev of a Ferrari and the deafening sounds of the Le Blac 66′. There’s a difference in what needs to be done seen listening to a film, and Ford vs. Ferrari has that extra layer to it.

Sound Mixing

Ford vs. Ferrari

Winner: 1917

Honestly, I can’t see another film getting this. As with the exciting, the mixing in this is just as amazing.

Visual Effects

Avengers: Endgame

Winner: 1917

The only other nomination that could, in my opinion, take the award is Star Wars. The effects in Endgame are spectacular, would deserve the Oscar.

Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

My Prediction: Little Women. My Vote: The Irishman

Winner: Jojo Rabbit

I really enjoy the adaption Little Women took with the source material. As an interpretation of the original material, The Irishman really went above and beyond.

Writing (Original Screenplay)

My Prediction: Parasite My Vote: Knifes Out

Winner: Parasite

Another very tough category. All of these scripts are amazing. Parasite broke boundaries and reached around the world. I do want to give credit to the creative and fun screenplay Rian Johnson wrote.

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