An Extremely Goofy Movie Review

Directed By: Douglas McCarthy Released: Feb. 29, 2000 I miss the days when Disney really took risks. With it’s properties now spanning multiple genres and hidden studios working on projects far and wide, Disney doesn’t need to experiment. They found their formula and sticking to it just makes sense. But when the new millennium started, […]

The Goofy Movie Review

Directed By: Kevin Lima Released: April 7, 1995 It’s a line as old as time itself. Disney helped create my childhood. How many can say that a film, or multiple films, from the Disney library helped form fond childhood memories. For myself, The Goofy Movie taps deep into the recesses of my mind and brings […]

The Other Side of the Wall

Randomly Written By: James Bachman Wood Panels. A door and wood panels. One chair a door and wood panels. A man, one chair, a door and wood panels. The window looking out, a man, one chair, a door and wood panels. Since the beginning of his life, the man only knew these few things. Looking […]

Child’s Play (2019) Review

Directed By: Lars Klevberg Released: June 21, 2019 When you first look at Child’s Play (2019) you immediately start to question as to why anyone would re-make the 1988 classic slasher horror. The answer is this new doll is actually an AI that controls the different utilities in your house instead of a serial killer […]


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