The Autopsy of Jane Doe Review

Directed By: Andre Ovredal Released: March 23, 2017 Horror is one of my favorite genre’s. It can excite and scare me at the same time. But as a fan I have to slog through bad horror movies that are released every year just to make a quick buck off a shoestring budget. Every once in […]

Cuties Review

Directed by: Maïmouna Doucouré Released: September 9, 2020 This is a hard post to make. There is no way to address this film without mentioning the horrendous Netflix poster and how that has influenced the release of this movie. It is a bad poster, no question about that. As a bystander, I had taken the […]

GroundHog Day Review

Directed By: Harold Ramis Release: February 12, 1993 This review is biased. It’s also going to be overly positive, gushing at every turn and filled with love. I love Goundhog Day. I can’t say that it is a childhood favorite, I didn’t actually watch it till later in my teen’s. But once I did I […]

Tenet Review

Directed By: Christopher Nolan Released: September 2, 2020 I missed this feeling. Just last week I went to the theaters to see Inception in anticipation to see Nolan’s next film, but I had already seen Inception, multiple times in fact. Seeing it again in theaters was just pleasant. But to experience a new film up […]


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