So I saw Yesterday. The very concept alone hooked me. A cover artist down on his luck is struck by a bus when all of a sudden the power around the world goes out for just a few seconds. After he wakes up in the hospital he finds out that the world has never heard of The Beatles (along with other things, but we’ll get to that). Being the talented musician he already was, he starts to play the songs anywhere he can and is soon heralded as the greatest songwriter in the world.

I love this idea, its unique and with a cast that feels natural and bringing in talent like Ed Sheeran, it all comes together to sell the idea. There is just one problem…the over-arcing love interest. I can be a sucker for a heartfelt drama about two lovers drawn apart by destiny, but with such an interesting idea behind it I felt that it didn’t need this emphasis on the companionship. In doing so there are some…questionable decisions the writers took with the development of the story that left me scratching my head about how it all turned out. While this has stuck with me as the one odd point of the film, it doesn’t deter me from saying that in all this is one really fun movie. The idea that multiple iconic items or people never existed, such as cigarettes, leaves you thinking about the movie long after you leave the theater. And there is one moment that left me grinning ear to ear, something I never even considered but seeing it on screen just made sense and loving the movie even more.

It’s not a perfect film by any stretch. If you are not a fan of The Beatles then you won’t be rocking out during this flick. But also why are you seeing this if you aren’t, cause then it’s your fault and you shouldn’t be complaining. If you enjoy listening to the greatest rock band of all time (fight me) then this is a movie for most to enjoy and leave with a smile on your face just like I did.

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