So I saw Spiderman Far From Home. This is the first movie to deal with the aftermath of the events from Endgame and it was always a question on how the world would handle half of the population disappearing then just coming back, but also how Peter would grow from losing the strongest father figure he ever had. Thankfully this movie handles everything smoothly and you as an audience really start to feel for Peter as he not only tries to salvage a normal life, but also be the hero that the world expects him to be. Tom Holland once again shows us that he is quite possibly the best version of Spidey that we’ve ever had, but the standout here is Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio. Everytime he is on screen he oozes charisma and you really believe every word he says and you just want to see more. I do think the supporting cast is heavily sidelined for this outing, but none the less is just as endearing and fun as in Homecoming. With that being said, I do think how much you enjoy Far From Home might depend on if you enjoyed Homecoming. I say FFH is a better film, with a tighter narrative and hoping you have at least seen Endgame (which you probably have) so it cuts the filler, but I thought the supporting cast was better served in the last movie. No matter what though I say this is a great movie for anyone to see and well worth your time.

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